How to Learn Magic: The Gathering

Never played a game of the ever-famous, ever-evolving Magic: The Gathering, just like me a few weeks ago? Here's a brief guide on how to immerse yourself into this magical world.

Step 1: Have a Look at the Terms

Magic is perhaps one of the most complicated card games I have ever played. There are tons of names, terms and rules, and it's impossible for a newbie to memorize all of them. However, it's still essential for you to know the basic of the basics. Internet community Geek & Sundry has a pretty nice Beginner's Guide with clear and concise explanations about which is which. If you would like to look at the cards while learning, MTG Salvation has a detailed wiki for you to explore.

Step 2: Play Your First Game

Be it virtual or on paper, it's the best to learn by playing a real game. For complete beginners, Duels of the Planeswalkers would be a great tutorial. You can play against the AI by using one of the pre-constructed decks available, and unlock new cards on the way while learning all the rules. Or if you prefer, you can get the latest Clash Pack, a new product specially designed for new players from Wizards of the Coast.

Step 3: Join a Community

It's definitely more fun to play the game with others! You can use the official locator to check out shops nearby, get to know fellow players, or join the numerous forums online.

Step 4: Construct Your Own Decks

If you have already passed the novice stage, you can start building your own decks by getting the singles. Simply visit your local shops, or hop over to an online store like MTG World. Don't forget to compare prices before trading - you might get some really nice deals if you do!

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