News: A New Deck, and an Old One Revived

A New Deck, and an Old One Revived

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a confession to make, in case you haven't noticed already: I'm a little reticent about building decks. I've only posted two on this blog, one of which was made by someone else.  I have a few thousand cards. Why not make use of a few?

Well, why not, I say? To that end, I will be constructing decks much more frequently and posting them here in the future. Leading up to that, we have a summary of my two decks as they stand (excluding Javi's deck that I have, which he made and I take no credit for, you doucherocket).

Here's the old Green deck, tuned up to the point it can play against almost anything:

A New Deck, and an Old One Revived

2x Gorilla Berserkers
2x Gorilla Chieften
2x Giant Spiders
1x Thelonite Druid
4x Scryb Sprites
2x Crash of Rhinos
1x Scaled Wurm
1x Gaia's Leige
2x Algae Ghairal
1x Whip Vine
2x Wirewood Elf
1x Fyndhorn Elves
1x Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary
1x Quirion Elves
2x Timbermaw Larva
2x Blastoderm
1x Oakenform
1x Blanchwood Armor
1x Overrun
1x Might of Oaks
2x Naturalize
2x Wild Growth
4x Giant Growth
2x Treetop Bracers
2x Plummet
1x Stream of Life
1x Emerald Charm
1x Instill Energy
1x Frog Tongue
20x Forest

And here the newest member of the team: a White and Green deck inspired by my corresponding Gold cards:

A New Deck, and an Old One Revived

1x Ancient Silverback
2x Craw Wurm
1x Elvish Herder
1x Crash of Rhinos
1x Khalonian Behemoth
2x Llanowar Elves
1x Harvester Druid
1x Giant Growth
1x Lush Growth
4x Fertilid
1x Great Sables Stag
2x Mighty Emergence
1x Wildfield Borderpost
1x Treetop Village
1x Sulam Djinn
1x Locust Swarm
2x Kjeldoran Frostbeast
1x Steel Leaf Paladin
4x Gerrard's Command
1x Roham Djinn
1x Righteousness
2x Skyhunter Patrol
1x Clergy en-Vec
2x Battlefield Medic
3x Daru Healer
1x Disenchant
11x Forest
13x Plains

Let's discuss! The Green deck is the same Green deck I wrote about before, but after about seventeen more revisions. It is now, I'm proud to say, really damn powerful. It doesn't lose much, mostly due to the fact that all the revision has prepared it, at least somewhat, for a vast variety of MTG contingencies:

  • It used to not be able to deal with flying well at all. But with the additions of 2 Giant Spiders,  2 Plummets, a Whip Vine, and a Frog Tongue (in addition to the always-reliable flying-weenie Scryb Sprites I love so well) make it much more able to defend against flying. The 2 Treetop Bracers give me another way to get at people who lack flying stuff as well. These combine to give me a lot more options whatever the status of my opponent's air force might be.
  • It also used to be paralyzed by Blue. Blue players (like my friend Lee) love cards like Propaganda that make it cost Mana to attack and a variety of creatures and enchantments that keep all of my card tapped. Now, I can deal with this too. I added 2 Naturalizes, although I worry that this mightnot be enough and that something like Treetop Bracers might have to give to make way for two more Naturalizes. I used to have Essense Filters and Tranquilities to get rid of all enchantments (since Blue assholes often have many out), but I like my own enchantments and decided to eschew them, at least for now. I also have Emerald Charm and Instill Energy for dealing with tapping effects, might add more of those later if it become a problem.
  • A lot of the creatures regenerate, most of them are strong, and my Giant Growths make them stronger. There are not very many situations in which this deck can't both deal damage and keep itself alive.

It's played very well against every deck I've used it against, even though it only has 20 lands! The Mana elves more than make up for it, and I've yet to want for Mana playing with this deck. If anyone has any problems or suggestions for it, comment!

And now on to the newer deck, the Green-White. White is definitely subservient, used more for an army of Clerics and getting my Gold cards out than for any particular strength of it's own. The deck is designed to overrun people.  It has a gang of creatures and very little else really, so getting them around and through the opponents defenses is key. As yet, this hasn't worked very well.

Last night this deck got me into the first MTG game I've ever called a draw. Lee and I were playing, him with his Blue deck, and it was the most boring game ever. I had a ton of creatures, he had three Propagandas and few creatures, but cards that tapped and / or unsummoned all of my creatures continually. This meant I had to spend all my mana every turn getting my creatures back out, and then he spent all of his unsummoning them again. It was annoying, went on forever, and eventually led Lee to leave and go watch Jersey Shore.

In other words, this deck needs work. It needs to be sneakier and have more way of getting around defenders. It needs way to destroy spell cards, it only has one Disenchant as it stands now. It's still new, so we'll see how it turn out.

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