Forum Thread: Tales of Nerdery

If you're here, you probably have those moments every once in a while where you think "This is so fucking nerdy, I love it!" Followed by shame and tears. But anyway, share your tales of extreme nerdery here with a sympathetic crowd. Mostly sympathetic. I'll kick things off with the nerdiest thing I ever said:

In high school one weekend night my friends and I were playing video games in my basement. As usual something was going on on both the TV with console games and a couple of PC's, one of which my friend Brian was playing Master of Orion II on. That game is spectacularly nerdy by itself, but this night it prompted what my friends and I decided was the nerdiest thing any of us had ever said. Brian was fighting a Space Dragon with his fleet of space ships and attempted to shoot them with an Ion Pulse Cannon ship-mounted gun. I, of course, knew that this particular gun works by killing the crew and damaging the internal mechanics of enemy warships, and thus is ineffective against Space Dragons, Amoeba, and other flying space monsters. As he click the button to fire, I suddenly burst out with complete seriousness:


All activity and conversation ceased for an anxious moment before everyone exploded in glee over my total enthusiasm for a turn-based strategy game that I wasn't playing.

Well, anyone else wanna share?

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