A Symphony of Evil: Javi's Black Deck

Javi's Black Deck

My friend Javi (who will join this group eventually that lazy sack) is a masterful MTG player and deck-constructor. Hell, he's damn impressive nerd all around. One time he made a Black deck out of my cards, and it is pretty devestating despite the fact that I never really collected Black and thus don't have multiples of good cards for it. It has more creatures than most Black decks (again, my fault) but uses it's excessive Mana to deal absurd amounts of damage with them.

Here's it is:

A Symphony of Evil: Javi's Black Deck

1x Marsh Gas

1x Raise Dead

1x Ebony Charm

1x Soul Feat

2x Fear

1x Bone Harvest

1x Amber Prison

1x Primal Clay

1x Terror

28x Swamp

1x Death Stroke

4x Drudge Skeleton

1x Fetid Horror

2x Black Knight

1x Marsh Lurker

1x Necrite

1x Phyrexian Hulk

1x Hyalopterous Lemur

1x Order of the Ebon Hand

1x Shimian Night Stalker

1x Wall of Souls

1x Phantasmal Fiend

1x Dauthi Marauder

2x Erg Raiders

2x Howl From Beyond

1x Nightmare

1x Wall of Shadows

1x Blood Pet

1x Urborg Panther

1x Mindstab Thrull

Several things stand out:

  1. 28 Swamps is a ton of Land for a mono deck. But as long as you don't go on a paralyzing all-Mana run (you'll almost never have a shortage) you're pretty much set. The deck was designed around utilizing any extra Mana you might have to empower your creatures.
  2. A LOT of the many creatures in this deck crave Mana. Fetid Horror, Order of the Ebon Hand, Nightmare (in an even more awesome way), Howl From Beyond (not a creature, but hey, we like all flavors), Phantasmal Fiend, Marsh Lurker. All of those cards crave tons of swamps, and this deck gives it to them, allowing you to deal jacked up damage early and often until you get to watch your friend sob as he packs up his deck, one of my favorite sights in MTG.
  3. Almost everything else in the deck is geared towards making you hard to hurt: regenerating weenies (Drudge Skeletons), indestrubtible walls (Shadows and Souls), some nice killing spells (Terror, Death Stroke), regeneration spells (Bone Harvest, Raise Dead). Even a couple Dauthi Marauders for consistant damage and Shadow defense. It is incredibly hard to damage and not be damaged by this deck.

There are problems, however. You may have noticed that there isn't a single card that can stop or destroy a spell of any kind. Blue decks particularly can rock it by making attacking difficult, but even if you opponent uses Propaganda or a simliar card to stop your attacking you probably have enough Mana to circumvent it. There are so many creatures to that even if opponents nerf a few with Pacifism or Gaseous Form you probably have more coming up on the next draw.

If you think you've got a deck that matches up, post it! Otherwise, bask in the majesty and work on finding a Nightmare for yourself if you don't already have one.

A Symphony of Evil: Javi's Black Deck

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