Blue: The Color of Dishonor and Subterfuge

The Color of Dishonor and Subterfuge

When I used to play Magic every day during 7th grade, one of my regular opponents was a kid named Eddie. He played an all-Blue, deck, the first I'd ever seen. At that point I was even more creature-obsessed than I am now and my deck were unwieldy hulks practically begging to be shamed by an all-Blue deck. I couldn't hurt him. Every time I tried to do something he had a response, a way to negate what I was doing. He would barely ever hurt me. He would win games just by making me play for so long and thwarting me so consistently that I would run out of cards and lose by default. Blue is the only color that can win without hurting the opponent, and that makes it both special and kinda dumb.

I wanted to talk about Blue after Green, my favorite color, because it is the most different color from all of the others. Red and green are dichotomous, as are black and white. Blue does not have an evil twin. It's a sad little only child who doesn't understand why everyone else is so happy sharing and living together that he develops a great talent for putting down the ideas of others and thriving on negation. Blue THRIVES on negation. And it has to, because that's all it's got. It doesn't have big sexy creatures or direct damage spells. All it's got are things that prevent other colors from functioning, elementary creatures to protect it's players in the early game, and some Mana-sourcing cards (but not as good as the Green ones).

I've only made a couple of blue decks in my life, mostly blue-white, and I haven't fallen in love with any of them. This is, because of that and my contempt for it, the color that I am least qualified to talk about. Perhaps I will build a blue deck soon as a means of learning more about it and discussing it further, but for now just know: if you like to build, if you're a maker, if you thrive on adding to the world rather than detracting from it and discouraging the efforts of other in an effort to affirm your own superiority, blue probably isn't a mono color for you. Maybe with a little white or green...

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