News: My deck sends all the boys to the graveyard

My deck sends all the boys to the graveyard

My deck sends all the boys to the graveyard

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is my main deck. The youngest card in it was printed in 2000. It makes me feel a little crusty and old for one of the first times in my life. But it does mob pretty well against all of the mostly pre-2000 decks I've played it against (none of my friends really have new cards either) and I'll tell you why:

  1. It is faster than a track star running from the cops. it has 25 forrests, four mana elves, and a five spells that either enhance existing forests or let me search my deck for other forests and put them in play. I want for Mana maybe one game out of six.
  2. The creatures are stronger than Magnus Samuelsson on PCP. It has 18 of them, and they are beasts. Plus the ones that aren't can always be jacked up by...
  3. Instants and enchantments. I have four giants growths and all sorts of other fun things to jack up my creatures and make them attaack faster and harder. Instill Energy is an old-school favorite.

That means that I have immensely powerful creatures who I can always get out, keep from dying, and oftentimes bring back when they do die. It's about to get a tuneup to make it a little more resistant to spells and much better in my opinion, but I haven't tried it out that way yet so I wanted to get this up with the deck as it has been for 20 matches or so. Here's the roster:

Forest x25

4x Scryb Sprites (wreck people early combined w/ Giant Growth)

4x Llanowar Elves (cheapest Mana elves, really cool old-school card painting)

1x Scaled Wurm (GRRAAWWWRRR)

2x Gorilla Chieften (I like 3/3 creatures that can't die)

1x Gorilla Berserker (had 2 the other day, not sure where the other one went. I love that card. Ugh.)

2x Blastoderm (inserted to kill blue, have been great for everything else too. I might buy more.)

2x Crash of Rhinos (I love the face people make when they work so hard to kill the first one and I summon the second one.)

1x Skyshroud Troll (3/3, regenerates, again)

1x Feral Thalid (6/3 and regenerates sometimes)

2x Wild Growth (mo' Mana)

2x Rampant Growth (Even mo' Mana)

1x Untamed Wilds (Need more, the best Mana-grabber)

1x Overrun (Oh my God ye, this card was made for this deck)

4x Stream of Life (So I can't die)

2x Aspect of Wolf (I always have a ton of forests, so this card rocks the house)

1x Instill Energy (Illegal in some states)

1x Black Vice (great if you get it early, almost worthless otherwise. Might remove)

1x Wooden Sphere (Life Support)

1x Joven's Tools (probably coming out of the deck soon, costs too much and i like using trample more)

2x Essence Filter (for blue and white assholes)

3x Giant Growth (see Scryb Sprites, maybe my favorite green card of all)

1x Emerald Charm (nice versatile little card, need more of them)

Total: 65

Yeah that's right, it's a little fat. The tuneup will be good for it. Less forests, a couple other random things removed, and all kinds of versatility added. I'll describe that later, perhaps even on the next episode of Deck Diatribes.

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