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Where were you in 1993? Thinking about starting a tech company? Starting elementary school? Awaiting a 1996 Daft Punk party after which you would be conceived? It's been eighteen years, but the game that solidified my dorkdom for good is still coming out with new sets, still fun as hell to play, and deserves some love dammit. To that end, I have started this World: A Magic: The Gathering Spot.

If you're here, you probably know more about MTG than you would be comfortable having any non-players know you know. I'm not going to explain MTG's history or how to play it now, although I might delve into the former later. This post is meant to give you some insight into my history and style as an MTG player and collector, so that you may decide whether you think I'm God's Gift to MTG Commentary or someone you're never going to think about again because he likes creature enchantments.

I started playing in 1995, aged 10 and in fourth grade. Two kids who played behind a portable at my underfunded California public school taught me how to play a modified version of the game before they got it banned at the school for betting on it. I was already hooked though, and before long my friends were too. We nerded our way through seventh grade playing every day during lunch and after school when we weren't destroying the mid 1990's PC turned-based strategy renaissance (oooohhhh was it a good time to like turn-based). After that women and self-esteem issues slowed my group's play for some years, until college when we had all gotten laid enough that we realized that Magic: The Gathering was really not a major impediment on that front (as long as you weren't playing AND stuffing your face full of peanut-butter covered Cheeto's when you first met them). That led to a relatively brief and smoke-filled period of MTG playing that ended with the departure of most of my new crew post-college.

Since then about half of the men I've made friends with have had some experience with the game, and a surprising (to me, at least) number still had their mammoth collections of cards. And so my third MTG-playing period began about six months ago, and this one could go the distance. I'm mature enough to realize I love the game and that if I ever stop playing it completely, my life will be a little worse. So it's time to embrace it, grab a beer, and shuffle.

As for my Magic style and credentials: I rock about 3000 cards right  now in two boxes, many of which belong to friend who has yet to come pick them up. I have four ready-to-roll decks: green, red, blue, and black. I like:

-Monochrome decks (colorless mana means nothing to me)

-Direct damage (I like to hurt people)

-Unblockable creatures (see above)

-Enchant Creature's (I get attached to the little buggers, and see above)

-Group buffs (because the only thing better than one guy with trample is seven)

-Green and Red (equal, but never combined), white, black, blue (in that order, because I like to hurt people)

Introduction Complete. Please join World now.

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My son was born in 1996. He started with Pokemon when he was about 3yo, went on to Yu Gi Oh, and then Magic. He used to play Magic every week with a local group. He hasn't been able to play regularly for a while though due to other activities. I know he misses it. I'm sure he will be exploring your world to see what's new and what he has been missing.

Wow, three years old! You've got one smart son. I look forward to hearing from both of you as this World develops, it'll be good to have some blood both older and younger than myself in the discussion.

i started playing regularly about 3 years ago now. i had wanted to play before then, but wasnt really able to start playing until i moved near a mall that had a little card shop in it. i found myself a gaming group, taught a few friends how to play, and have been playing ever since,

Nice! That's a classic MTG origin story. I need to find myself a gaming group, finally found some stores near my house that look promising. Where are you located? Generally speaking of course, I'm not trying to stalk you.

lately ive been living in rural alberta, but i started playing when i lived in vancouver. ive been having some issues lately with finding people to play with. one of the problems of living in the country, i guess.

Rural Alberta! Looks like we're not playing in person, I'm in Los Angeles, wearing a tshirt outside. Do you ever Xbox 360 or PC game? I"ve been wanting to try out Duel of the Planeswalkers with someone...

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