Forum Thread: What do you play?

Let us know what you play. Color, style, musical instruments, arson. Whatever you think is relevant.

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6 Responses

I've played with a Black deck? Or was it a Death deck. I dunno. It was white and had a lot of swamps in it. Maybe it was a swampy white deck.

Oh that deck is blacker than black. It's gonna get it's own blog post soon, stay tuned.

ive been playing about 3 decks lately, a black/red wither deck that kills everything with tokens, a white lifegain deck with some black for killing things, and a colourless artifact deck based on affinity and golems.

I love the artifact deck idea! Do you use colored Mana or all nonbasic lands that makes colorless? I'd love to see a deck list if you feel inclined to type it out.

I used to know a guy who did that, he had four of the whole Urza's X set (Urza's Mine, Urza's Power Plant, Urza's Tower) and it was nasty. That was in like 1997 though, a little before you started playing. If you can get your hands on those your deck should never really be hurting for Mana.

I'm so behind the times I don't even know what some of the things you mentioned about your decks mean? What the hell are tokens? Affinity? I should probably look this stuff up...

i mostly used the artifact lands from mirrodin, since they counted as both coloured lands, and artifacts. that, and a few equipment artifacts, and i had myself a pretty flexible artifact deck. to be honest though, i misplaced it a while ago, so until i find it again, i have no idea what was in it listwise.

Oh no! Losing cards is the worst. I had a bunch of great stuff from Unglued and before that I can't find, including my freakin' Force of Nature I loved so well. I think I"m gonna go to the game store this weekend and grab some new cards finally, see how they work. The last time I bought new ones they hadn't come up with equipment artifacts yet!

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